Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Three Lakes?

Three Lakes is a membership, non-residential Golf Club being proposed on 1,200 acres in Martin County, along Bridge Road and Kanner Highway. It will have three distinct golf courses and other features and amenities that will not only appeal to golf members but their entire families as well. No homeowner residences will be built.   

Where is Three Lakes located?

The 1,200-acre property is located in Martin County, Florida, west of I-95 in Hobe Sound. The property is bordered by Bridge Road (County Road 708) to the south and the C-44 canal to the west. 

What types of facilities and amenities will Three Lakes Golf Club have?

The plan includes three golf courses, two clubhouses, a pool and fitness center, short courses, practice ranges, pro shop, dining space, member cottages, lakes, gardens, nature and walking trails, and landscaping that will protect and enhance the natural resources and beauty of the property.

Will there be any homes as part of the Plan?

Three Lakes will be a membership golf club with no residences. There will, however, be cottages available for overnight stay by members and their guests.

What was the land formerly used for?

The property has been used as a private family retreat, hunting preserve and tree farm.

Three Lakes going to be a seasonal or year-round Club?

Most of the Club activity is expected to be seasonal in nature, but the Club will be open year-round.

What is Three Lakes’ approach to wetlands protection?

Environmental stewardship of the land is at the core of the team’s design philosophy.   More than 95% of the property’s open space will be maintained.  All existing wetlands will be preserved and protected with expansive buffers of native upland habitat intertwined with approximately 200 acres of lakes planted with native shoreline vegetation. 

What will be the source of irrigation water for the golf club?

Water will be removed from the C-44 Canal and used for irrigation and other purposes, which will reduce the amount of water from the canal that would eventually be discharged into the St. Lucie River, where it can negatively impact the river and estuary.

How will Three Lakes help address water quality issues in the St. Lucie River?

The plan for Three Lakes has the potential to improve water quality in the area while being self-contained and autonomous in its treatment of wastewater. Water will be removed from the C-44 Canal and used for irrigation and other purposes, which will reduce the amount of water from the canal that would eventually be discharged into the St. Lucie River, where it can negatively impact the river and estuary.

What are the economic benefits of Three Lakes?

Three Lakes will contribute positively to Martin County’s tax base, adding developed land to the tax roll as a replacement for agricultural land not in service. This will generate annual property and sales taxes revenue for the county. However, because this is a non-residential project, it won’t have any significant need for county services and social services, so the tax impact will be positive and beneficial to the community.

Short-term, Three Lakes will also add economic value by generating construction and other professional services jobs.

Once the club opens, there will be ongoing employment for staff. Members who come from out of town and stay at Three Lakes will also seek dining and cultural opportunities in the area, providing an ancillary economic benefit to Martin County. 

Lastly, the philanthropic fundraising activities that will take place at the club will significantly benefit area non-profit organizations.  The design and operation of Three Lakes will have many other environmental and community benefits.

Will Three Lakes have any impact on traffic, schools or county/social services?

Because this is a non-residential golf club, there will be limited traffic impacts. The main club entrance will be off Bridge Road, roughly 2.5 miles west of I-95. We anticipate most of the members coming via I-95 and heading west on Bridge Road. With no residents, trips to and from the site will be limited. There won’t be any significant need for county services or social services or any impact on the Martin County School District.

How will the club support the local economy?

The Club is committed to making a positive impact in the community and will be available for use by local nonprofit organizations to host their fundraisers in a new and attractive venue. The Club will develop and implement a plan to facilitate our charitable endeavors. 

Will Three Lakes be environmentally friendly?

The Audubon Society, among others, have studied the environmental impact of golf courses and concluded that “golf courses provide significant natural areas that benefit people and wildlife in increasingly urbanized communities across North America and throughout the world.”

Golf courses that are soundly developed and managed, according to Audubon International, are uniquely positioned to offer needed wildlife sanctuaries, preserve natural areas, support plants and wildlife native to the area, protect water resources, filter stormwater runoff through golf course wetlands and turfgrass, rehabilitate degraded landscapes, improve air quality, moderate temperatures, and promote physical and mental well-being.  Three Lakes will be designed and developed with environmental sensitivity and seek to complement and enhance the environmental health of the community.

Is the demand for golf growing?

Yes, demand is growing, both locally and nationally.  The National Golf Foundation estimates that one out of every three Americans over the age of six played golf, watched the sport, or read about it in 2020. The number of people playing on a golf course for the first time hit a record high in 2020 as well, with three million new golfers. This is part of a continuing trend that has registered an increase for the past seven years. The demand is here and projected to grow.