More than 95% of the property will be maintained as open space including wetlands and lakes.

All existing wetlands will be preserved and protected with expansive buffers of native upland habitat.  All constructed lakes will be designed with expanded littoral zones that will be planted with native wetland plants, including trees, shrubs and grasses along the shoreline, to blend in with the surrounding preserve areas.

Conserving Water and Improving Water Quality and Wildlife Habitat

Water management on the property will be designed to improve water quality in the area and reduce harmful discharges from the St. Lucie Canal (aka Okeechobee Waterway) into the South Fork of the St. Lucie River estuary. Approximately 200 acres of lakes will be created on the property to accept and store water from the St. Lucie Canal that would normally be discharged into the estuary and contribute to harmful algal blooms. The water removed from the St. Lucie Canal will be used for golf course irrigation and treated through a series of lakes planted with native shoreline plants, thereby conserving water, improving water quality and creating wildlife habitat. Research shows that golf courses act as a positive groundwater filtration system.

Community Support & Philanthropy

Three Lakes will be a beautiful new venue to Martin County and is committed to making a positive impact in the community.  The Club will be available for use by various local nonprofit organizations for their fundraising events. Three Lakes will develop and implement a plan to facilitate our charitable endeavors.

Positive Economic Impact

The Club will contribute positively to Martin County's tax base, adding developed land to the tax roll as a replacement for agricultural land not in service. This will generate annual property and sales taxes revenue for the county. However, because this is a non-residential project, it won’t have any significant need for county services and social services, so the tax impact will be positive and beneficial to the community.

Short-term, Three Lakes will add economic value by generating construction and other professional services jobs. Once the club opens, there will be ongoing employment for staff. Members who come from out of town and stay at Three Lakes will also seek dining and cultural opportunities in the area, providing an ancillary economic benefit to Martin County.